Budd Lake Fire Saves Garage From Outside Fire

Saturday May 5th just before six pm Chief Maloney was stopped by a neighbor in front of his home that the house two doors down was on fire the chief quickly called for the fire department to respond. The fire was in a canvas garage with a lawn mower and some gas cans, the fire quickly spread to the siding of the attached garage and started to make its way into the garage, a second alarm was called for as well as the Tender Task force due to lack of water in the area. Engine 53 arrived and stretched two inch and three quarter lines and kept the fire from spreading further into the garage Engine 59 laid a supply line down the driveway and gave 53 a water supply. Squad 56 picked up 59’s line and feed water to the scene. The crews mad a quick knock down on the fire so the tender task force was canceled. Crews remained on the scene for around two hours as County Haz-Mat was called to the scene due to Chlorine and fertilizer that was was involved in the fire. Three firefighter were taken to an area hospital after inhaling some chlorine fumes the home owners were not home at the time of the fire. The fire is under investigation by the Mt. Olive Police and Fire Marshal’s Office.