Welcome to the Budd Lake Fire Department

Our Mission

It is the intent and goal of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Assistance and Education to both it’s members and the general public. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with the safest practices and procedures of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division). Above all, it is the intent of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest and quickest out come of any Emergency or Non – Emergency Incident that is confronted by the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division).

Latest News

  • Ice & Boat Training
    Tuesday night the crews trained on some ice rescue procedures and also took the new Marine 1 out onto the lake. The department trains for all types of incidents even though the lake is not frozen we still need to be ready for when it does. Rember no ice is safe ice if you get … Read more
  • Stove Fire in Oakwood Village
    Recently the Flanders and Budd Lake fire companies responded to Oakwood Village Bdl. 97 for a report of an oven on fire. Upon arrival of Car 91 and FM-3 there was a small fire in the oven Tower 96 and Eng 95 along with BL Eng. 59 quickly put the fire out and secured the … Read more
  • The 2022 Year in Photos
    This is a 2022 year in photos this is what the men and women do for free and love what they do.
  • Vent Training
    Just before Christmas Budd Lake and Flanders firefighters had a chance to train on venting windows and cutting holes in metal roofs. The old budd lake school on rt. 46 was being torn down so we took the opportunity to use Tower 96 and Ladder 58 and trained on the skills of opening large windows … Read more
  • Santa Had a Great Visit
    Saturday December 17th the Budd Lake Fire Department had the honor of escorting Santa around town. The department want to thank all for the greeting we got from breakfast to hot chocolate at the Village Green. We are already planning next year’s visit. Happy Holladay’s to all. Here are some of the fun.