Welcome to the Budd Lake Fire Department

Our Mission

It is the intent and goal of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Assistance and Education to both it’s members and the general public. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with the safest practices and procedures of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division). Above all, it is the intent of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest and quickest out come of any Emergency or Non – Emergency Incident that is confronted by the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division).

Latest News

  • Tower Ladders Working This Week
    Recently on 2 calls one at Sandys Liquors in Village Green a malfunctioning rooftop unit had firefighters on the roof, Netcong Fire assisted on this call the unit was shut down and the building vented. The second call was at a Italian restaurant on Mt. Olive rd. a small fire in the duck work was … Read more
  • Struts & Airbag Training
    Recently the department brushed up on the airbags and struts used in auto extrication. The crews went over the procedures on inflating and deflating air bags and the use of struts to secure cars and trucks. Allways training to keep you safe.
  • Budd Lake Assist Mount Arlington Fire.
    Tuesday morning the Budd Lake Fire Departments Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) was requested into Mt. Arlington for a second alarm structure fire. Upon Budd Lake Fire arriving the RIT team was split to supplement man power. Half of the crew was put to work operating a hand line on the exterior and in the basement … Read more
  • Special Operations Training
    Firefighters train on many different thing during the year this night we trained on Man vs Machine. Crew took turns cutting rings off of victims, Getting peoples stuck hands out of meat grinders and then a special rescue of trapped and impaled workers. There are many other rescues that fall under this type of taring … Read more
  • Pre Storm-Car Fire
    Hours before a snow storm on Monday night units were called to Interstate Rt. 80 West bound at 25.8 for a car fire. Car 51 and 52 along with Engine 59 and Tender 57 were on the assignment, Car 51 went on scene and confirmed a working fire E-59 came in and stretched their front … Read more