Become a Member

Interested in Becoming a Member
The Budd Lake Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members and becoming one is easy.
One way is to stop in and fill out a membership target form. Our membership committee will meet with you to answer questions and provide you with a full application. If you have any questions at all, write to the membership committee at or call at 973-691-8770. The best time to call is Tuesdays Between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  
Getting Started
Our membership process takes just one month you bring in you application it is processed and sent to investigating committee if approved you will be voted on at the next company meeting. However during your application period you are invited to attend our training and work drills, and meet with our members to see first hand how our organization operates.
Junior Membership

Our membership is not limited to adults! We do have a junior firefighter program that enables teens age 16 and 17 to join. Schooling can now begin at age 16 at the Morris County Fire Academy. You can be fully trained (Aside from a couple of classes) before your 18th birthday. When your 18th birthday arrives, you will be a fully trained firefighter in less time than it would take you if you joined at age 18.


Fire Academy


Firefighter 1 is essential to become an interior attack firefighter. This is a 150 hour course that includes classroom time, and fireground practical time. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. You will be trained on the basics of how to become a firefighter. You will take tests, and you will also practice going into the burn building. The burn building is a fire controlled building that the instructors can literally set on fire. You will be put in situations where you have to put it out!


Junior Firefighter 1 is a new program provided by the Morris County Firefighter Academy. This program is designed for volunteer firefighters who are under the age of 18, and over the age of 16. It is still a 150 hour course that is almost exactly the same to firefighter 1. Parental consent is needed. Although you are under the age of 18, this course is still as rigorous as the adults version.