Safety Tips

We will provide some tips and safety videos to assist in keeping you safe.

Electric Vehicle Charging Safety;
Stay safe while charging your electric vehicle:• Visually inspect the charging cable before use. Never use a damaged charger
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge
• Never use an extension cord or multiplug adapter when charging electric vehicles
• Only use manufacturer-provided or approved charging cables. Never use an adapter to change charging types
• Never alter or modify your electric vehicle or its batteries
• Properly store chargers when not in use to prevent damage
• Cover chargers to manufacturer’s specifications to avoid water damage
• Ensure you have proper GFCI protection to protect against electric shocks
• Be aware of your surroundings. Do not accidentally come in contact with chargers when driving or parking
• Make sure your charging equipment has been certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory All electric vehicle chargers should be installed by a qualified electrician.

E-Bike and E-Scooter Safety Tips