Post Office takes a Hit

Recently a car ran into the Budd Lake Post Office on Mount Olive Rd. Car 50, 51 and Rescue 55 were on the assignment. The car hit the front door pushing it in and smashing the door and glass the driver was transported to an area hospital by EMS. The Mt. Olive Police are investigating … Read more

Live Burn Training

This past Sunday the 16th firefighters went to the Somerset County Fire Training Academy and meet up with Allamunchy Fire Department and did a joint drill at the live burn center. Crews did 3 burns one with a fire in the basement that firefighters had to go down and extinguish the fire as well as … Read more

Smoke in UPS

Recently the department was dispatched to the UPS Wearhouse on Waterloo Valley Rd. for a fire inside the building upon arrival of Cars 50 and 51 there was a box on fire on a table inside the building. Engine 53 Ladder 58 came in and put out the fire and removed the box that was … Read more

Small Garage Fire on Crease Rd.

Just after dinner on Wednesday night firefighters were called to a home on Crease Rd. Car 52 arrived and had smoke coming from the garage. Car 51 arrived and assumed command as Engine 53 came in and had a houseline to the garage. Tender 57 came in behind and supplied water. Flanders tower 96 and … Read more

Door Prop Donation

This past Tuesday members from the Hackettstown Elks #2331 attended our weekly drill night for the dedication of our new Forcible Entry Prop. The dedication included a presentation of a plaque from the Elks to the membership of Budd Lake Fire Department and a Forcible Entry demonstration. The demonstration showed the Elks members the training … Read more

Hensyn Village Dumpster Fire

Recently the department was called to Building R for a dumpster fire. Upon arrival of Cars 50 and 52 the dumpster was half full and burning the fire did spread to the fence around the encloser but quickly extinguished by the crew of Engine 53. Engine 59 assisted with lights and overhaul. There were no … Read more

Mutual Aid Training

Recently the department invited the Long Valley First Aid Squad to bring over their rescue gear and do some show and tell. The crew brought over their heavy rescue truck and displayed their extrication tools and other rescue tools. The crew also brought over their rescue trailer and off-road vehicle and went over its uses … Read more

Back Yard Shed Fire

Over the Labor Day weekend the fire department responded to Lakeview Ave. for a report of a shed on fire. Car 50 arrived and had a well involved shed in the rear yard, Engine 53 came in and had a hard time getting access but was able to get a hose line on the fire. … Read more

Overturned Boat in the Lake

Saturday late morning calls came in for an overturned bout on the lake with one person in the water. Car 50 and 51 along with Rescue 55 were on the assignment car 50 Chief Compano used a rope bag and was able to through a rope to the boat and pull him to the beach … Read more

Tender goes to Jefferson

Late Friday morning the fire department responded to Espanong Rd the American Legon for a building fire. Tender 57 and Car 52 were on the assignment, Tender 57 arrived on scene and assisted with water shuttle. The crew remained on scene for around an hour then released. Photos by Budd Lake Assist Chief Dorlan / … Read more