Budd Lake assists Washington Twp.

Tuesday night February 3rd around 7:20 pm a 911 caller said they see visible flames in the upper windows of a residence on South Four Bridges Road, Long Valley Chief one arrived and reported a working fire on the second floor. Fairmont’s engine pulled in the driveway and the crews stretched two inch and three quarter lines, one to the second floor and one to the first floor as a Long Valley engine came in and supplied the first due followed by Schooley’s Mt. ladder and started to vent the roof. A second alarm was struck bringing Chester, Flanders and Budd Lake as the rapid intervention crew to the scene as well as a Tender Task Force. The crews had the fire knocked down within a half hour and remained on the scene into the night hitting hot spots and overhaul. There were some slips and falls due the cold icing conditions but no injuries were reported.The home owners were not home at the time of the fire.