Budd Lake Fire and Rescue Handles Two Crashes in 8 Hours

In the early morning hours of April 28th units were called to Wolf Rd. and Alersgate Circle for a car into a tree with entrapment. Car 51 arrived and reported a car into a tree with heavy entrapment Squad 56, Rescue 77 and Rescue 97 worked to extricate the person from the SUV whose roof was caved in, crews had to remove the roof and doors so the person could be removed from the car and then transported to a waiting helicopter that transported to Morristown Hospital all units returned to service two hours later. After getting some rest they were alerted again around 12 noon for a car into a pizza shop Car 50 and 51 arrived and reported that a car had gone through the store and was completely in the restaurant with the driver still in the car. Squad 56 and Rescue 77 entered the shop and removed the person as glass was hanging over head causing a dangerous condition the man was then taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. Personal remained on the scene for an hour waiting for the health and building departments to arrive. http://1strespondernews.com/webpages/news/displayNews.aspx?PT=news&ID=5d9fe7fb-3615-48f9-8732-0146fad3ace6