Cement Truck Goes Off Road

Wednesday afternoon July 18th during a severe thunder storm a cement truck traveling east on Rt. 46 lost control and crashed into a brick pillar and landed in the middle of a front lawn. Car 51 and 52 along with Squad 56 and Rescue 77 secured the truck as heavy rain and lighting made crews take cover. The driver was not injured but the truck lost its front axle and had to be towed out by a heavy wrecker. As the scene was secured an auto wrecker shop next door was found to have a tow truck leaking fuel from the trucks saddle tank Tac 55 was called to the scene and assisted with clean up. To top off the afternoon a car pulled up to the scene and told EMS 62 that they were having chest pains EMS 62 transported the person to Dover hospital. Crew’s finial returned to dry out after around two hours.